• Tallicin® 1510

    Tallicin® 1510 is a specialty acrylic resin designed to produce very high quality pigment dispersions in a wide variety of coatings, inks and plastic systems. When used alone or in conjunction with the existing resin in a formulation, Tallicin® 1510 typically lowers the viscosity of the pigment paste or provides a higher pigment loading for the system. Tallicin® 1510 can impart extremely effective anti- settling properties by the addition of 0.25-0.50% by weight of bentone clay into the grinding paste along with the pigment. Tests with a variety of pigments indicate the combination of Tallicin® 1510 with the addition of a small quantity of bentonite clay produces an extremely stable, non-settling pigment dispersion in both the paste and in the finished product.