•  Terasperse® 2685

Terasperse® 2685 helps provide stable dispersions with high pigment/binder ratios in water-based latex systems, urethanes, water-reducible and water-dispersible alkyd and polyester formulations for both air-dry and baking applications, as well as water-based epoxy-amine systems. Terasperse® 2685 is also recommended for water-based flexo ink applications to improve appearance, adhesion, low viscosity and shear stability.

Terasperse® 2685 through its well-balanced surface-active functionality provides an excellent combination of hydrophilic and hydrophobic attributes, allowing the formulator to optimize the dispersion of almost all pigments and extenders, including such difficult-to- disperse pigments as phthalo blue, phthalo green and carbon black. The product reduces surface tension and produces effective, efficient pigment wetting characteristics for both organic and inorganic pigments, including organic reds and red iron oxides.

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