TERAMINE® Epoxy Hardeners

Pflaumer’s epoxy hardeners play a crucial role in transforming liquid epoxy resins into durable, solid coatings suitable for a wide array of end uses. From demanding industrial applications to artistic creations, epoxy hardeners are used to achieve the performance and durability of epoxy resin-based coatings, composites, and other applications.

Two-component epoxy coatings are popular in commercial and residential concrete applications for their aesthetics, durability, and easy maintenance. They are used for garage floors, decorative finishes, and seamless wall coatings, enhancing protection and visual appeal.

These coatings also protect metal surfaces from corrosion, chemical spills, and abrasion, making them ideal for infrastructure, pipelines, storage tanks, and industrial equipment. Pflaumer’s epoxy hardeners start the curing process of epoxy resins, transforming them from liquid to solid through polymerization, resulting in a strong, chemically resistant, and durable material.

Pflaumer’s epoxy hardeners enable coatings to withstand harsh environments and provide long-lasting protection. Choosing the right hardener depends on curing time, temperature, application needs, and end-use. Hardeners offer unique properties like durability, chemical resistance, flexibility, heat resistance, and adhesion.

Understanding epoxy hardener chemistry is crucial for optimal results, with factors like resin-to-hardener ratio, curing conditions, and post-cure treatments affecting the final coating. Formulating high-performance epoxy coatings depends on selecting the appropriate hardener, such as aliphatic, polyether, cycloaliphatic, or aromatic amines.

Pflaumer provides expertise in formulating epoxy coatings to meet specific requirements, offering additives and color concentrates to complete formulations. Choosing Pflaumer ensures high-quality epoxy hardeners and expert formulation.